Factoring is a good funding option for any business owner who is looking to increase his/her working capital.

If your Company is a Start-Up, or Medium to Large, we can furnish the best rate possible in the A/R Finance Industry. The greater dollar amount financed = less discount. Discount rate is often less than 1% on higher amounts.

Our target companies gross from 10K to 5 Million dollars per month. Advance rates as high as 92%. Act today & increase your Cash Flow. Account Receivable Financing is a solid, stress free method to increase Working Capital. Remember, Factoring is based on your Client’s credit, not yours. No monthly payments, Immediate Cash for the Goods, and or Services, you provide. Contact us for a FREE, no obligation evaluation.

Some Key Industries include:

Staffing, Consumer Installment Contracts, Cable Installation, Equipment Manufacturers and Trucking.


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What is Accounts Receivable Financing?

When a Business sells its unpaid, but collectible, Accounts Receivable to a specialized Financial Institution (Factor), for cash, less a discount.

Thousands of Companies have discovered a better way to increase Cash Flow utilizing Accounts Receivable Financing.

  • Factoring is an important resource for Small Business
  • A Factor is more than a Bank
  • A Factor is more than just a provider of Cash
  • A Factor becomes your back office support for Credit, Collection & Reporting
  • A Factor provides Immediate Cash

Why Companies use Factoring:

It's fast and debt free
Will provide immediate capital
It's inexpensive
 Companies receive much more for much less
Allows your company to grow without creating debt
It works to increae cash flow and allows companies to purchase goods at a discounted rate
Your customers are using you as a short term, interest free bank while you provide 30-60 day loans. 
This loan creates a stop in your cash flow.
Why Wait 30,60 or 90 days to receive payments for service you provide today?
Begin Factoring your Accounts Receivable now, and receive payment within 24-48 hours of receipt of your Invoice.
Set up is quick, easy, and free!